Today's Combo Specials

Order the eBook edition of Bang Ukraine today with my other books and get a big discount...

Bang Ukraine Only

This is my longest travel guide. I went far into the depths of Ukraine and lived in an industrial shithole for three months to figure out exactly what it takes to sleep with the most feminine women in the world. Learn from my labor.


Combo #1

These two travel guides are for countries you can visit on the same trip. You can even take a bus from one to the other. Remember that all orders including this one come with a 60-day money back guarantee in case you don't like my work.


Super Travel Combo

This combo includes all ten of my travel guides. You get a total of 703 pages of expert advice on meeting girls and getting laid in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Iceland, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Ukraine, along with over a dozen stories that teach you how to get laid by example. The cost of these books are $90 when priced individually.


My Life's Work Combo

Get all of my travel guides, my five memoirs, my two best-selling books, Bang & Day Bang, which teach you how to get laid day and night, my best-of compilation, and both game audiobooks in MP3 format. That comes out to 18 books, 2 audiobooks, and 2,089 pages of life-changing content (569 megabyte download). Save 75% off the regular price.

$37 (best deal)