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How About The Guys Who Weren't Born With The
Natural Ability To Sleep With Tons Of Women?

FROM: Roosh (the hairy guy on the right in the picture above)

        If you're interested in banging more women than you are now, I think you'll enjoy the information I'm about to share. I'm going to assume that you already browsed through my blog RooshV.com, so I'll skip the boring details.

        First let me start with my pathetic sob story. My problem with girls became obvious in high school, when I had guy friends who only liked to play poker, Risk, and the video game WarCraft. None of us ever got laid but since we had our games and primitive internet porn we didn't think much of it.

        Then I went to college and continued to play video games (alone over the internet) while studying to be a microbiologist. I was so clueless with women that if had put a naked girl on my lap I wouldn't have known what to do with her. I'm not joking. One of my supposed friends would incessantly tease me about not being able to "get laid in a whorehouse," and looking back it wasn't far from the truth. I was completely incapable of talking to women and creating a sexual vibe that made them want to sleep with me.

If You Don't Want To Sleep With A Lot Of Women Then All You Gotta Do Is Follow The Advice Of Your Mother

        I think part of the reason I sucked with women was because my father never taught me anything about them. Even though my mom tells me how much of a player he was in college, he never passed that crucial knowledge on to me when I desperately needed it in school. My mom filled the void by hammering into my head that the key to success with women was to buy gifts and always be a gentleman. All that got me was a repeating record of "Let's Just Be Friends" from the girls I wanted. I didn't know what to do.

        I feared that I would have to struggle with this problem for the rest of my life. I feared that I would have to seek out prostitution or mail order brides for basic female companionship that I simply could not get on my own. I got depressed and hit the video games even harder as an escape to the lonely and sexless reality I was facing.

A Chance Discovery On The Internet Escaped Me From The Doom I Was Facing And Changed My Life Forever

        I graduated from college in 2001 and stumbled on an underground "game" community from a business forum. Like a kid in a candy store I read everything I could get my hands on and started communicating with guys who had problems with women like I did.

        The first thing I read was that skill with women can be learned, a concept that didn't make a whole lot of sense to me at the time. I thought you were either born with the ability to sleep with beautiful women or doomed to having an unhappy sex life until your last days.

        But over the next few months something interesting happened—the game I was learning began to work. I approached women in bars and clubs with the lines that I had memorized and soon I was getting phone numbers and email addresses. Sure some of them were fake but just a couple months prior I didn't know it was even possible to meet women like that.

        And then one night I actually made out with a girl just a few minutes after meeting her. A mere make-out is not a big deal, but to a video game and poker addict like myself I thanked the gods for letting me stumble on this game business. At risk of exaggerating, it was like I had found an ancient Egyptian text that had answers to the meaning of the universe, and now could I begin living for real. The more game I learned, the more I became convinced it was what I needed, that with more practice I could improve my ability to talk to beautiful women, to joke with them, to touch them intimately, and ultimately take them to my bed.

        I believed in game so much that I went overboard. Not only did I go out four or five nights a week to approach like a machine, I ended up digesting every resource I could get my hands on, from body language books to audio CD's that were supposed to hypnotize me into getting more sex. Every day I'd hit the internet forums and on weekends I'd spend my afternoons in the psychology section of the local bookstore. If a book had any remote connection to interacting with the opposite sex or getting laid then I was on top of it.

Game Became My Religion, But A Big Problem Was That Most Of The Information Out There Was Made-up Crap

        For example I read somewhere that when a girl asks me what I do for a living, I should say slave master. Well I did that once and it led to the girl walking away from me because of how offensive it was, especially since I said it in a country that had a history of slavery (United States). It was really hard to find a strong signal in all the noise, so half of my time was weeding out a bunch of junk advice that today I'm certain was invented without any proper field testing.

        Eventually I just gave up on following others and started creating my own material. At first my stuff bombed just as much as slave master, but after an absurd amount of trial and error I started to hit upon powerful nuggets of gold that worked and got the responses I was looking for. One line and one move at a time, I was putting together a system that was getting me laid, more and more consistently.

        A lot of pickup gurus advertise that they've figured out "the secret" to getting laid, but it's a lot more complicated than that. There's dozens of secrets that, when combined, will give you a deadly overall game package. The more of these "secrets" you have the better you'll do, and with every 50 or so women I approached, I stumbled on a new secret that made my system more powerful.

        But it did take a while, and I definitely can't say that I was a natural at it. If you see me picking up a girl in a coffee shop or a bar today maybe you'd say I look like a natural, but that's because I have already learned the concepts and put them into practice after years of obsessive dedication. It looks smooth because I've rehearsed it so many times before, like a boy who finally mastered how to tie his shoes after trying dozens of times.

It's True That Game Can Be Learned And Mastered From Nothing, And I'm Living Proof Of That

        Now imagine something for a second. For me to go from hopeless zero to a guy who could pick up pretty girls consistently, how many women do you think I had to talk to and get rejected by?

        300? 400? 700?

        I gotta be around the thousand mark by now. In terms of all men in the world, I'm in the top 1% of being rejected by the most women. But in terms of how many women I've banged, I'm probably in the top 1% as well. By building up my confidence to where rejection meant nothing, I could put in the needed attempts to learn and succeed. In fact a part of my system is learning how to embrace rejection to improve your skill and bang more women, with the difference for you being that you'll get rejected far less than I have.

        I've been told to fuck off, I've had drinks thrown on me, I've been punched by women, and I've been threatened by their guy friends. While learning I've had it all happen to me, but as the years went by the jigsaw puzzle of my game was being put together piece by piece, until finally I got to the point where I could wake up, look at myself in the mirror, and be completely content with my sex life and notch count. Like the Jay-Z song, I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.

        During my journey I had a notebook of game. I'd write down lines and moves and then go out and try them out. If they didn't work for me I crossed things out and did something else. This notebook went with me everywhere, and after several years it began to have the consistency of used toilet paper.

When I Was Ready To Record My Game (The Rules, Techniques, Style, And Attitude That Consistently Gets Me Laid), I Cracked Open My Notebook And Started Writing

        I had a corporate job at the time so I would go straight to the coffee shop after work every day to type out a few hundred words. It took me a year to finish the book that I call Bang.

        I have written the book that I wish I had once I graduated college... one that would have saved me a whole lot of bullshit and frustration, a lot of rejection and loneliness. I wrote the book that I would do anything to hop into a time machine and give to my younger self. I would say, "Here kid, just do what's in the book and tell all your StarCraft internet friends to fuck off because you have something better to do." Thankfully it wasn't too late for me to get into the game, but even emails I get from guys learning in their 40's tells me that you have to be frail and borderline decrepit to where it wouldn't be able to help you.

        Before I tell you everything that's in my book I want to share with you one of my favorite lines.

        A problem I had when I started getting laid regularly was how to get out the condom the first time I banged a girl without killing the moment. I would pray the girl would ask me to get it when she was ready, but unfortunately they rarely did this (and if they did they were probably more experienced than I initially thought).

        It was such a problem that many guys I know simply had unprotected sex instead of possibly making things awkward and losing out on sex completely. That wasn't a good solution for me so I thought about it for several weeks until finally in my own personal Einstein moment I came up with seven words that solved the problem completely...

How To Get The Condom
Without Killing The Moment

You're going to make a statement which doesn't allow for a "No." Ready?

"Let me get something, just in case."

This line is insanely effective because she knows what the "something" is, but it still doesn't hit her "logical" brain. She doesn't consciously resist or back out.

The "just in case" tells her you are not assuming sex will happen, but that you just want to be extra safe anyway. Though once you have the condom on, sex is guaranteed to happen. This line allows her to say yes without saying yes.

If you engage her logical brain with something like, "Should I get a condom?" or even worse with "Can we have sex?" then there is a chance she may start thinking too much or back out because she sees herself as too "easy." But with these seven words she won't.

I like this line because it works and is simple. I'm a big fan of making things easier on myself without having to memorize complicated moves that just stress me out or confuse me even more.

        The condom line starts on page 124 in my book, and before that I teach you everything to get that point, from how to approach girls, what to say to build attraction, how to get numbers that lead to dates instead of flakes, how to transition to the bedroom, and how to properly seal the deal. I don't hold back—I share everything I've learned that has worked, and continues to work for me today.

Here's a few more things you'll learn in Bang...
  • How the thoughts inside your head can help—or hurt—your success with women. I share with you beliefs that prevent your mind from sabotaging your efforts.
  • The 8 essential beliefs of the alpha male, and the fastest way to copy those over your useless beta male beliefs. I explain how to be like the silverback gorilla and not the beta gorilla who begs for sloppy seconds.
  • I tell you the most important part of the game that increases your results more than anything else—something you can start doing right away.
  • Why a man who doesn't get rejected is a man who doesn't get women... period. I teach you how to use rejection to take your skills with women to the next level.
  • Two of my favorite high-impact opening lines that work just about anywhere women can be found and are so simple that a monkey could master them.
  • Five fun openers you can use in bars and nightclubs to get a girl's attention right away. I also teach you the concept of "stacking" openers on top of each other.

  • The most common deadly mistakes guys make on an approach that creeps girls out—and what you can do to break the habit.
  • The five critical components of the "vibe"—an attitude that gives you the most bang for your buck in getting laid. While every woman is different, adopting the vibe will attract the most women with much less effort.
  • Six "themes" that provide a framework to keep the conversation going long after you first approach, with dozens of word-for-word examples. Most guys struggle after the approach so I made sure to put more time and care into this part of the book.
  • How to tread the fine line between compliments and insults, and what to do when a girl gets offended or angry at your words.
  • The number one, sure-fire way you can tell if a girl is interested in you. Most guys miss this completely but it is important to learn so you can change gears and start taking things to the next level.
  • My favorite answers to a girl's common questions that heighten the tension, build attraction, and make the pick-up more fun and interesting.
  • How to start escalating the encounter with touching, and my favorite touching move that trumps all the others.
  • After being "cockblocked" dozens of times by the ugly friend, I developed an effective routine that makes the girl say "not yet" to the friend... and stick around you much longer.

  • Getting ready to go out

  • A deadly technique to get rid of another guy who has intentions on your girl that leaves him stunned and embarrassed.
  • My "drink loophole move" that allows you and your girl to share a drink and get intoxicated together without you having to buy her a drink outright.
  • The one thing you must do before going out alone (i.e. flying solo), that will increase your success rate fivefold.
  • Three easy ways to strike up a conversation with a girl before you enter the bar or club. There will be nights you won't have to do a single approach inside the venue.
  • How to build social proof even if you don't have any friends. Follow my advice and you'll have other guys going out of their way to introduce you to available women.
  • Most guys hurt their chances by moving around under what I call the magic time. I teach you how to have more opportunities per night than the average guy.
  • My sound technique to get her phone number without even asking for it. It works because you never give her the opportunity to say "no"—it's a naturally implied "yes."
  • The 3 most common reasons why guys get the dreaded "I just want to be friends" line. I promise you will not hear those words again.
  • How to dance with a girl that builds a climax and brings you very close to the kiss. I also teach you two fun ways to approach a girl on the dance floor.
  • My "four key moves" to the kiss, a strategy that has taken me years to perfect and gets the kiss almost every time a girl is even mildly interested. These moves are so natural and easy to pull off that the girl won't even recognize them as moves.
  • The one thing a girl does to let you know that she will not reject you on the kiss. After reading this, the only way you'll get rejected is if you want to.
  • How to execute a "venue change," a move that dramatically increases the likelihood of scoring a one-night stand. I include word-for-word examples on how to get inside her place on the same night—and why it's important to at least make the attempt.
  • A strategy for the first date that will make her feel like she has known you longer than she has—and the one date venue you want to avoid for the first date (no exceptions!).
  • An issue I hope to finally put to rest—the number of days you should wait before calling her.
  • The ideal voicemail message you should leave girls when calling them for the first time, but why in the end your message is less important than you think it is.
  • How to have smooth phone conversations that ends with the girl agreeing to go out on a date with you.
  • My detailed text messaging strategy that shows you word-for-word how to get dates in the shortest amount of time possible. All you have to do is plug-and-chug.
  • The one text messaging mistake that 95% of guys make that kill the tension and lessen the chance a girl will go out with them.
  • A method for regulating your text response times so she won't perceive you as needy, desperate, or too available.
  • Discussion of the restart text technique, which get things going again with girls who have been acting distant or busy.
  • My "flake defense move" that eliminates any chance of getting stood up, something I've experienced but I'm confident you won't.
  • A comprehensive dating strategy so you bang her no later than the third date. This includes over a dozen tips and techniques, including how to prepare for dates (mentally and physically), how to start dates on the right foot, how to have fun conversations without awkward moments, and the important "arm in arm move."

  • The 5 magic words to say when you want to get inside her place that has never failed me. It's so "anti-game" that a girl would never suspect it's a tested technique.
  • What you need to do once inside her place to make a smooth transition to the bedroom. You're too close to fail now.
  • How to deal with the dreaded 'R' word: resistance. I teach you an effective strategy to steamroll her resistance so you don't go home blue-balled.
  • Seven very detailed steps to taking off her clothes that includes tactics to fight any late-minute resistance she might throw at you.
  • The most common way guys blow it after they get done having sex with a girl for the first time—while still in bed!
  • One simple thing that guys unfortunately abandon after sex and how it costs them dearly.
  • Four methods for breaking up with a girl you are bored of having sex with. One of the methods is my favorite because it allows you to get back in her pants just in case you change your mind in the future.
  • Two reasons why most guys get into nasty cold streaks. I teach you the right way to make changes to your game so you can get out of it.
  • Why finding your "niche" is important if you want to get more for putting in less. No player grows up with a dream of being just average.

There's also an appendix at the end of Bang to help you out with common situations you'll face...
  • Detailed strategies—with specific lines—on how to approach girls in coffee shops, the gym, and foreign countries.
  • My technique to have sex with a girl who is already in a relationship—and how the key to success is something you probably haven't thought of.
  • Why you need to get out of your mind that you are too young or too old for a girl—and some things to say in case she brings it up first.
  • Exactly what to say to a girl who is telling you she is busy with a never-ending schedule of events.
  • How to get out of the very dangerous situation of when you like the girl a lot more than she likes you.
  • My aggressive strategy for sleeping with virgins.
  • If your girl is leaving town for a few days, I teach you exactly what to do so the tension you've built up doesn't pop like a balloon.
  • What to do if you have tried just about everything but she is still not putting out.
  • And much, much more...

One Night Came An "Epiphany" When I Knew
That Game Was The Way And The Light

        In college I was friends with a very good-looking guy who was a science major like myself. He was so good looking that he could've easily made the catalog pages of Abercrombie & Fitch or J. Crew, and always had a few girls floating around trying to date him. When we hung out other random girls would stare at him and approach him outright to compliment his looks while I got to sit back and be ignored. He'd tell me stories about all the girls he was having sex with and all I could do was force a weak smile and remain silent.

        I didn't feel jealous as much as unlucky. He hit this awesome genetic jackpot which meant he didn't have to worry about ever attracting a girl, and here I was, average looking at best, getting none of that attention. (It wasn't until I was 23-years-old that a girl even called me "cute.")

        In college I accepted my hand and settled for listening to his stories instead of making my own, living vicariously through his sexual adventures.

        It took a couple more years until I had enough. I graduated from college, discovered game, and approached like an animal, working hard to improve my interactions with women. It didn't take long for enough successes to happen where I could tell him some hook-up stories as well. Our friendship became more balanced and I stopped feeling like a little runt that would tag along with the alpha dog.

I approached these college girls in a club...

        One night we went out to a club called Dream in Washington D.C. I had been working on my game for about a year and could hold my own from time to time, but consistent success still eluded me.

        We were drinking downstairs when a girl came up to my friend and said he was handsome. She was fat and ugly but she had a few friends with her, one of whom was very pretty. In the past I'd accept my role and hope the uglier girls would go for me, but now I was a battle-hardened soldier who knew a lot more about how to attract women.

        I decided to go for the cuter girl. I made her laugh, danced with her, and teased her. My friend wanted her as well but he had trouble competing and ended up talking to the ugly girl more than cuter one I was working on. The night went on and I simply out-gamed him—just flat out put his game to shame.

        Through my personality and game—and not my looks—she became attracted to me more than my handsome friend, who did not learn the techniques I had learned and instead would wait for girls to game him. He had no reason to learn because his looks were good enough... most of the time.

        The club closed and I went with my friend to the girl's house. Along with us was the ugly duckling who approached him in the beginning. For her I imagine it was like winning one of those gigantic stuffed animals at the carnival. We went back to their apartment and in the same room, only a few feet apart, we had sex with our girls. For the first time in my life I got the better girl—the one I wanted. My friend told me that he never wanted me to speak of that night again, and I just smiled and nodded my head.

After That I Was 100% Convinced That The Pursuit Of Game Was How To Be Most Successful With Women, Short Of Being A Celebrity, Insanely Rich, Or A Model

        I kept up my approaches and continued taking notes on what worked and what didn't, and slowly but surely I was getting more girls with far less effort. It got to the point where instead of doing ten approaches a night to get a single number I only had to do two or three, and the quality was twice as good.

Getting buried in the sand by two beautiful Argentine girls

        If you're not sold on the idea of game then my book won't help you because it says nothing about flaunting your wealth or trying to look like a generic-looking "all American" guy. It says nothing about lying to women, tricking them, or impressing them with a bunch of bullshit. But if you're willing to make just a few changes with how you interact with women, you'll be surprised with how well they respond, and how quickly they open their legs.

        In Bang I ask you to approach women in order to eventually have sex with them. So yes, you certainly do have to work. I know the approach isn't easy and you rather have a magic solution to your sex problem, and chances are you're nervous as fuck to walk up to a girl you don't know and start talking, but in Bang I lay it out in a way that makes it pretty damn easy. I give you lines that are natural, NOT cheesy, and that won't get your rejected off the bat.

        Now I'm not saying you won't get rejected, but I'm saying my opening lines are so casual and chill that a girl won't brush you off like you're a nobody. As a man who has spit more bad lines than anyone, the last thing I want to do is send you out there and have to experience the same amount of rejection that I went through. In fact the point of you buying my book is so you can save time and not have to go out five nights a week and approach 1,000 women like I've done.

        Think back the past year or two to all the girls you were attracted to but didn't get. Perhaps it was a cute girl you saw in a bar or coffee shop but were too scared to approach, and then she left and you never saw her again. Or maybe it was a girl you knew that only wanted to be friends instead of something more. Or maybe it was a girl you hooked up with a couple times but then she started flaking, eventually moving on to another guy.

        If you had the right tools to build AND maintain attraction, to make girls love talking to you, to have them more than willing to go inside a bedroom with you, would those situations have turned out differently? Would you have been happier if things ended up more on your terms?

I Wrote Bang To Share My Complete Game Knowledge So Guys Can Finally Start Getting Exactly What They Want

        Bang is a tightly written, no-bullshit textbook on getting laid that is like a Craftsman toolbox for you to land the girls you want. I hate to hype it up too much but every day you're not able to use the techniques I teach in Bang is another day you risk letting another girl you like get away. Check out these three quick reviews by guys who bought Bang...

"Bang Has Bumped Up My Notch Count..."


"Hey Roosh,

I just finished Bang. loved it. you are one funny motherfucker. there were certain parts that were absolutely laugh-out-loud; I read them aloud to my roommates. I started calling these "Rooshisms."

Also you have a great writing style. you don't try to sound stuffy or pretentious or high-fallutin'. you're honest and unapologetic about your desires, which is why I think it's so funny when you talk about your ulterior motive being to weasel your way into the girl's apartment and stuff like that.

I think the thing that makes Bang the best instructional guide to the aspiring player is that it is the best combination of "big picture theory" and examples of lines that actually work. I read The Game (which, in its defense, isn't really intended to teach you how to run game) and then another book which scientifically broke down all the stages of pick-up from approach to relationships, and I have to say Bang was by far the best use of time spent reading. IMHO, it will set you off and—successfully—running into the game faster than any other material out there."


"Hey. I just started reading Bang and just wanted to let you know it's a great book. I don't cringe when I read it like I do with other books in the genre. Your approach is matter-of-fact and down to earth. Other books, frankly, often appear to be written by douchebags. With your approach one can have actual relationships that are sincere, even if they are just brief hookups or one night stands. You don't advocate lying, dressing up like a raver from 1992, and memorizing bullshit."


"I'll be honest the book has bumped my notch count a bit, I'm more aggressive in approaching when I used to wait for the women to come to me. What I've learned from quizzing various women is that while they think I'm attractive or hot, I look too "nice", like I am going to buy a woman flowers and kiss her on the cheek after dropping a c note over a bad dinner and not ram their head into the headboard as I'm doing my best fido impersonation.

Props to you for a great book that is an honest approach as opposed to the other really terrible "pick up artists" books. To be honest, I consider your book to by a psych text which is a good thing."

Bang Will Help You Go Beyond Your Genetic Potential To Get You More Women Than You Were "Supposed" To Get

        I believe my genetic potential was only to bang three or four girls before settling for a homely woman, but because of game I've unleveled the playing field to where I'm getting a lot more than guys who should be doing better than me with superior looks or a fatter bank account.

        It's not fair to the next guy who's waiting for my scraps but we're getting to the point in Western society where it's impossible to go beyond your genetic potential without learning game. If you don't want to learn game from me then fine, but if you don't learn it eventually you're selling yourself short. You're dooming yourself to less sex with uglier girls because so many other guys have more tools in their toolbox than you do.

        How much do you think it's worth for a book that teaches you to go beyond your genetic potential, that gives you a complete system to getting laid from start to finish? How much should it cost for a 63,000 word game bible that gives you dozens of lines, techniques, and moves to go from meeting a girl to penetrating her in the bedroom? I thought of this question and came up with $70.

        Would you say that $70 is worth it to have your game completely handled so you can get the girls you want? That's the price of a video game, but it will give you a lot more "entertainment" in the form of real women instead of monsters or spaceships on a screen.

        I looked at all the other shady pickup "gurus" and saw their books were priced around $70 as well, but unfortunately their materials were crap and full of slave master lines that make me cringe and would get me laughed at by any decent woman. They read like they were written by a high school dropout and I wouldn't be surprised if they were merely a copy and paste rehashing of other materials put together by some Pakistani guy outsourced from a site like Elance.

        Now don't get me wrong: I want to be compensated for the time it took me to produce Bang, but I also want to settle on a price where you get a lot more than you pay for so you stick around and check out my work in the future, whether it's about game or not. In the end I want to provide good value, so therefore I'm selling Bang for $14.97 for the eBook and $19.97 for the paperback. Since this is the second edition of Bang, you'll find a cool bonus at the end of the book that wasn't available in the first edition...

The Bang Cheat Sheet Bonus Contains The Six Most Important Concepts For Consistent Game Success

        The Bang Cheat Sheet is brief at only three pages, but it contains six of the most crucial points you need to remember when it's time to pickup girls. It's something that you can read every few days to keep your eyes on the prize. Think of it as crib notes you're allowed to take into the final exam that will constantly remind you of what it takes to have sex with a lot of women, and it's included free with your purchase of Bang.

        All I can promise is that if you execute my strategies and techniques, you will get more than you're getting now. Whether you're a virgin who is an expert at computer games or a guy who already knows how to get laid regularly, there is something in Bang for every skill level. My teachings will get rid of bad habits that reduce attraction in the women you like while putting you on the track of automatic game, where you do the correct moves and techniques without having to consciously think about it.

        After just a bit of practice you'll approach more effortlessly, get more numbers, more make-outs, and of course, more lays. If you work on it every week, it will take only two months to notice a big improvement.

        Bang's slogan is More Lays In 60 Days, but for me it was more like "more lays in 500 days." That's because I didn't start with a solid resource to build a concrete game foundation. I didn't have a guide that was holding my hand every step of the way, and I didn't have the knowledge of what it takes to consistently notch my belt. I didn't have Bang.

        Bang is available in paperback and Kindle....

Read Bang Risk-Free

     The paperback and Kindle edition costs comes with a 30-day money back guarantee from Amazon. Click the image below to order from Amazon...

Here's to many notches in the future,


P.S. If you're still not sure if Bang is for you, check out ten full length sample pages. They give you a sneak peek at all the concepts, lines, and moves that you'll learn, from the mindset you need to attract women all the way to smoothly getting her into a bedroom for sex. I got you covered every step of the way.