A Journey Of Self Discovery And Pleasure That Became
An Embarrassing Disaster Of Epic Proportions

A Dead Bat In Paraguay is a true adventure story about a 28-year-old man (me) who decided that the best way he could deal with his existential crisis was to sell his possessions, quit his professional career as a scientist, and hop on a one-way flight to Quito, Ecuador in order to visit every country in South America.

I sincerely believed the trip would put me on a track towards a more fulfilling life of excitement, intrigue, and exotic women, away from my soulless corporate job in a Washington D.C. suburb. Instead, I humorously fall from one country to the next, striking out repeatedly with the local women, getting robbed, having bad dreams that became reality, self-diagnosing myself with a host of diseases, and suffering repeated bouts of stomach illness that made marathon bus rides superhuman feats of bodily strength.

Along the journey I chronicle the friendships, the women, and the struggles, including one fateful night in Paraguay that I thought would lead to my end.

Review: "The Honesty Of The Book Shines Through
Very Brightly ..."

"I bought it when it was released and finished it yesterday.

First and foremost: The honesty of the book shines through very brightly. The book is fearless. Embarassment, shame, humiliation, rejection, self-doubt (and not the cool, hip kind you'd see on TV, but the kind that's like a thorn in your confidence): It's all there, not gussied up in the slightest. I don't think I'd have the courage to write this book.

Because of that, the book is actually inspiring. Not stare-up-at-the-stars inspiring, or dramatic-comeback inspiring—those are just masturbation. Your acceptance of the kind of pains that can erode a person's moxy until he is tiny and petty, and your persistence through that pain with an eh-fuck-it attitude, comes off as more genuinely masculine than anything I've seen or read in a very long time. It reminded me of Luke in "Cool Hand Luke." I actually wanted to go get rejected all night at a bar after reading this, just to think afterwards, "I'm as tough as Roosh."

That's mixed in with a lot of humorous and insightful commentary.

If I had to complain, I would say the prose comes off as too simple sometimes, and the frankness of the book occasionally undercuts the storytelling. I know that contradicts what I said earlier, but I guess what I mean is this: In reality, sometimes the hero slips and falls in the shower and so the villlain wins, or vice versa. When you find out that's what happens, you think, "Well, shit, that was anti-climactic," but afterwards it will stay with you longer because it's more relevant to your life than a shoot-out in an abandoned factory in bullet-time. That's like your book.

Also, the price was right.

Thanks Roosh."

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